Underground Ecology


The Showroom

Image by Joe Clark, from the series 'Seagrass', courtesy Workplace Gallery

We are going through an era of environmental, cultural, economic and political disintegration. The current system has gradually brought us to the verge of a crisis, and whilst we attempt to figure out short-term solutions, we should aim to re-ground the fundamental structures of our reality - they don’t say go back to the roots for nothing. It seems that a simple in-depth shift in our way of thinking could eventually sustain new modes of living.

Some would argue that in order to preserve our world we should rethink the basis of it. In the underground of our reality, roots unfold and tangle, anchoring the plants growing on the surface. It can be said that the underground sets the rhythm of the surface – yet, the attention devoted to it, is typically not balanced to that of what’s visible. Perhaps, it is exactly beneath our feet where we should point our eyes, to envision and invent a new path ahead.

Unfolding in a conversation on metaphysics, mysticism and magic, the first event of the series Underground/Ecology/Politics/Mythology invites philosophers Timothy Morton and Federico Campagna to look at ecology as a place where both human and nature share an underground source. In this series of events, renowned philosophers will explore the concept of the underground – as seen through the lenses of Ecology, Politics and Mythology unfolding on actual global political and philosophical issues.