We Live In Public


chisenhale Gallery

Tara Donovan, Untitled Plastic Cup Installation

In 2001 internet genius Josh Harris launched his most controversial project yet: We Live In Public. Wiring his entire New York apartment with CCTV cameras directly linked to the project’s online streaming website, Josh and Tanya Corrin, his partner at the time, lived in public. Bare in mind that in 2001 the notion of online streaming, let alone a public showing of one’s most intimate moments was still unheard of. As you might assume, the continuous display of the couple’s life became not only poisonous for their relationship, but ultimately began to shape the way in which they themselves communicate, act and react to one another and of course, to the public’s eyes.
Josh and Tanya, were living their physical life to sustain their virtual one. The more they they accented the character they wished to be off-screen, the greater on-screen admiration they would receive. In light of The documentary will be screened in light of Yuri Pattison's 'User, Space' - which looks at the way the internet shapes our working environments and in turn, the ways in which we produce, live and communicate interpersonally.