Gardens Of Medicine


The Showroom


As of recent years, there has developed the common understanding that although we rely heavily on western medicinal practices for our wellbeing, they do still come with their own limitations. Our bodies are complex beyond scientific understandings, and where conventional medication does not seem to fit the bill, alternative treatment - with all its obscurity - has developed a substantial aspect in our healing processes. From the more accepted homeopathy and acupuncture, to kinesiology and even shamanic treatments. However, there still exists the gap between accessibility to conventional vs. alternative. Although proven affective in numerous cases, more spiritual or plant based treatments are still largely available only privately, making its access a biased and exclusive one.
As part of the month long programme 'Communal Knowledge at Work' at The Showroom, Uriel Orlow has been working in nearing neighbourhoods researching local medicinal plant use, evolving into the development of a multi-cultural medicinal plant garden. The garden is open to all, and Uriel will be giving free tours of the garden's plants and their medicinal uses. Sparking a