#LondonIsOpen : A Screen Shot Reflection


How important a role does culture play in brining people together? In maintaining a dialogue across cultures, communities and even neighbourhoods? The term demographic has become crucial in curation practices and funding opportunities never miss the 'audience engagement' section in its application process. So yes, as a cause and affect anyone who works towards producing cultural events must always tackle the demographic section. How will the project engage people across the board? How will it support the local community? The list goes on. It seems that we simply tick the box (so to speak) by writing extensive engagement planning, but do we really consider what it means to do so with cultural activities? The new mayor of London Sadiq Kahn in collaboration with David Shrigley along with 9 other artists who have launched a new campaign in light of the Brexit toxic non-welcoming aura: #LondonIsOpen. Each artist has created a work that signifies what inclusion means to them. London is open. The works will decorate designated advertisement placements across London underground stations. If protesting doesn't work, then maybe saturation of images will. And if we repeat what we believe in over and over again, then it might just slowly make a difference.

Image by Tania Bruguera, The Francis Effect, 2016
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