Project O


Someset House

Image by Claudio Cassano, Disclosure Sculpture 07

Remaining politically correct more often than not, creates a form of widely accepted taboos - thoughts observations and perhaps even stereotypes that are commonly shared in ones mind, but never to be expressed out loud. The question on our mind here at Screen Shot is as follows: what ultimately leads to most destruction; collectively accepting cultural taboos thus maintaining a certain secrecy of racist/inappropriate discourse, or, accepting the problematics of stereotyping and prejudice existence across our nations and with that opening a place for discussion, where individuals feel they won't be disowned for their views (whether they are correct or not). The answer, for us at least, is clear. Whilst stereotypes are often quite true, they also stand for a narrow version of the truth, of the reality in fact. Learning to openly discuss the politically incorrect thoughts that each and every one of us hold is the first step to dealing with unjust ideologies. Project O is a collaboration between performers Alexandrina Hemsley and Jamila Johnson-Small that was created out of a shared desire to find a new language to address issues around culturally ingrained racism and sexism in the UK. The duo aim to comment on their experiences of being black, mixed race and female in a society still not completely free from its colonial past. With intimate and urgent choreography that make visible positions of otherness, the artists imagine ways of no longer seeming ‘other’.