Project One Zero : Self Portrait


Project One Zero

Image by Sofia Gallarate

In 1979 three Handsworth ( Birmingham ) based photographers set up a stall in the suburbs busy Grove Lane and invited passers-by to take their own picture.
More than 500 people took part in the Handsworth Self Portrait Project posing either by themselves or with friends and family.
Some pulled faces, some posed formally - but all were snapped against a plain backdrop.
A decision the photographers made to avoid the stereotypes that arise when people are pictured in urban environments.

Handsworth Self Portrait Project produced a ground breaking set of images that challenged the visual stereotypes of Handsworth as being a place with only problems.
By allowing participants the opportunity to choose the moment when the picture was taken with a long cable release and by using a plain backdrop the project allowed the people of Handsworth to be seen as a diverse and vibrant community.