Technology Now : Eva & Franco Mattes



Image by Eva and Franco Mattes, Abramovic

Eva and Franco Mattes, artist duo originally from Italy have gained their status as "godparents of the digital narrative" through their continuous exploration, agitation and reiteration of pixelated internet content. By simulating behaviours and environments associated with internet communication, the duo look at the ethical and moral issues that arise when people interact with each other remotely. How has remote communication changed the ways we have relationships, friendships and work? Whilst Skype simulates a more intimate setting, where a private conversation can take place, 'face to face', its necessity seems to have been warped by social media visual exchange, as well as Whatapp voice messages and phone calls. Have we lost the need to physically (or virtually) see the person we are communicating with? And if so, what is now standing in its place? In search for answers, the due's work creates situations where it is difficult to distinguish between real interaction and its mysterious sibling, simulation. Their work reproduces all aspects that belong in our digital communication - from the voyeuristic, to the perverse, the guilt fuelled behaviours and habits as well as the fearless adaptations we inhabit in the safety of incognito secrecy.