Thinking Like A Mountain : Friend And Foe


Public Exhibitions

Image by Eloise Bonneviot

How can we begin to understand or even talk about the current human relationship with nature? It seems that there is a parallel between our advocating destructive structures, abusing global soils and exploiting natural resources, and a mass obsession with the wholesomeness of nature. City dwellers bask in country retreats. More and more there exists a direct correlation between reckless consumption of resource-abusing goods, and our apparent love and care for this nature we are apparently destroying. 'Thinking Like A Mountain' is a term coined by early 1900's American author and environmentalist Aldo Leopold, who wanted us to think of the mountain ecosystem not in terms of what is good for the human, but rather, by what we so rarely consider instead: what is good for the mountain. The project under the same title by London based artist Eloise Bonneviot picks up Leopold’s desire to anthropomorphise the ecosystem and tries to imagine what it would mean today to think like a Mountain.