goodexposure (2016)


I came to the conclusion that every minute of my time can be used to make money. Time is Money. Even this piece of writing is Time, yet I find myself entertaining my creative intelligence instead of making pure... hard... cold cash.

I also came to the other conclusion that as much as I want to be a living, breathing advertisement for my own art/brand, I physically can’t. Because galleries, internships and anyone in the art world are not willing to pay. I once heard someone say that their friend was having a solo show and that the gallery director was being paid, the gallery assistants and the catering, everyone apart from the artist whose show it was. The payment was instead in “Good Exposure” apparently a new legal tender that artists should rely on and seek for their inevitable success.

My brand is my sexuality; my sexuality is my art, which inevitably is my body. Babymorocco is a marketing genius; he exists comfortably within a world, which is easy to digest. Easiness, Coziness, Familiarity, Beauty and Sexuality are lifestyles that people are willing to invest in. With Screen Shot and in collaboration with Auc.Art, I find myself and my body again being used for Good Exposure. A term now, which I have become, numb to. Being reduced to Good Exposure eventually can turn you into a walking talking vehicle of never ending promotion.

In this performance goodexposure (2016)” the fake money exists as goodexposure, a new currency that could maybe exist in the near future. A brand new legal tender if you will.

“A change in the law will allow artists to pay rent on their homes and studios with ‘exposure’ instead of money. They will also be able to buy coffee, shampoo, and other essentials by mentioning to the checkout assistant that they did a big job last week for nothing and are hoping it will bring them some paying clients.

Landlords and supermarkets are protesting this move on the grounds that “Well what the hell am I supposed to do with ‘exposure’? I can’t pay my bills with fresh air! Why can’t you just give me money like everyone else?”

The donation box which sits on a podium in the middle of the space is full of this new currency goodexposure, full of favors and connections, this is where the ammunition for the Cash Cannon sits.
The Cash Cannon is obvious with its explosion, a cheap way for free promotion. The pace and the melodic whirring of the motor insinuates something so instantaneous, quick and easy. It’s almost inevitable that it would be included. Spraying this goodexposure over members of the public is completely necessary. What’s good press without its audience interacting with goodexposure?

Similar to that feeling when you search an event or a location on Instagram just to see if you managed to appear in someone else’s photos. When you are interacting with someone with a lot of goodexposure you also inevitably seeking some goodexposure for yourself.

Words by babymorocco

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goodexposure (2016) Babymorocco
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