By Alma Fabiani

After China and Italy, India could be the next country to be severely hit by COVID-19

As the situation in the country next to India, China, slowly improves, we look at the impact that COVID-19 will have on India's poor population.

How is the coronavirus pandemic affecting the 2020 Democratic primaries?

What does the UK coronavirus bill mean?

Domestic violence in Italy and around the world during coronavirus and social distancing

Ethnic minorities need to come together against racism during the coronavirus pandemic

The ‘anti-Greta’ Naomi Seibt uses influencer marketing strategy to promote her climate sceptic disinformation

Dear broke students, here’s how to get hundreds of pounds refunded from your student loan

Under the UK’s new points-based immigration system, would I only be worth a few points?

Roman Polanski’s win at French César Awards sparks riots in Paris

How the news comparison platform Ground News tackles fake news and political bias

The UK announces a new points-based immigration system. Here’s what to expect

The 5 break-ups and make-ups we've already been through in 2020

Despite online censorship, Chinese citizens are criticising the government over coronavirus

Why are conservative values winning over gen Zers on TikTok?

Eminem’s new music video highlights the urgency for gun control in the US

The Cyprus rape allegation case is just another reminder of our flawed justice systems

How the peach emoji became an anti-Trump symbol


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