The US Supreme Court will now decide whether or not you can be fired for being LGBT+

Extinction Rebellion responds after being criticised for its lack of diversity

Good to Know: Katie Vigos, the woman educating the world on childbirth one Instagram post at a time

Boris Johnson is talking nonsense to influence your Google search results

Petitions and marches don’t change politics but mass action can

The rise and fall of the Black Travel Movement should push us to explore the world

Good to know: Robyn Ochs and her fight for the bi+ community

Bi Visibility Day shows that support is growing in the bisexual community, but it’s not enough yet

EU citizens can request Google to hide online information about them, but only in the EU

The EU Terrorist Content Regulation shows that we still don’t know how to regulate online hate

London celebrated its first Trans+ Pride, here is why it will go down in history

Here’s why your #SecondHandSeptember is not enough

New investigation reveals TikTok’s compliance in spreading hate and violence in India

Experts link vaping to spread of lung disease in the U.S., but is this true?

The London tube as a space for hate

Boris Johnson will suspend the U.K. government, what does this mean for Brexit?


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