Instagram removed posts calling out sexual predators, claiming they ‘violated’ its rules

Families are hiring screen consultants in the U.S. to raise their kids ‘phone-free’

Here’s what FaceApp can teach us about our digital behavior​

Hackers are scamming people for the blue verification tick on Instagram

Could digital clothing help stop climate change?

Google is working on a smart office project. What should we expect?

Amazon is working on a voice-activated device that can read our emotions

Everything you need to know about 5G, and more

Does Silicon Valley have a conscience again? Spoiler: not really

Online makeup brand Lime Crime just released a game-changing AR beauty app

3D-printed guns are back on the market, untraceable, and unstoppable

Meet Horizontal, the organisation that protects activists in our digital age

Slutbot, the chatbot that helps you practise your sexting skills

Spotify’s new feature will let you talk with its ads

Instagram is thinking of removing the ‘like’ feature, what does this mean?

Digital therapy, what is it and does it work?


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