Facebook creates ‘Liam Bot’ to teach employees how to answer inquisitive questions over the holidays

This newly revealed ‘sensor-packed skin’ could let you hug someone long distance

Facebook is not trustworthy. So why are we still using it?

LoveSync is the new sex tech that lets you ask for sex by pressing a button

Criminals are using virtual money in video games to launder dirty money

The call to #DeleteFacebook returns after Zuckerberg dines with conservatives

Fika is the tech app helping students who struggle with their mental health

Good to Know: Iris Luz, the sex tech pro striving for change

YouTube’s new algorithm wants to keep us ethically addicted

Apple launches Apple Arcade, leaving us wondering, is it time to ‘unsubscribe’?

A robot is now delivering sermons in Japan: the beginning of AI and religion?

Mark Zuckerberg wants to control your love life with the newly launched ‘Facebook Dating’ app

As sex toys continue to get hacked, the definition of sexual assault is under question

A recent study shows that using emojis gets you laid more often

Whether you like it or not, transhumanism is the future

Meet Thinkspot, Jordan Peterson’s social media where censorship doesn’t exist


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