By Alma Fabiani

This Black Friday, the #LowestWageChallenge wants us to think about the people that make our clothes

What if we demanded full transparency from our favourite fashion brands, and asked them to share their lowest wage with the world? But what if they didn’t even answer?

Egg freezing has become standard practice for big companies, but what are the pros and cons?

Microsoft employee reveals worrying information about the company’s partnership with Chevron

Up-and-coming adult actor shares how stressful the porn industry is. This is how OnlyFans helps

Microchipping: where it’s at and why it still hasn’t gotten under our skin

The highly controversial industry of pick-up artists is actually booming right now

Genomic Predictions’ DNA test for embryos claims to predict disease and alert parents

Good to Know: Leanne Elliott Young, the spokesperson for fashion innovation

Alive & More is the fashion brand that lets you unlock real clothes through a video game

What does intimacy look like inside a new gen polyamorous relationship?

Could Chinese livestreamers have the answer to keeping brick and mortar retail stores alive?

New research shows that footballers are more likely to suffer from dementia

How the rise of holistic healthcare might actually put people’s health at risk

TikTok clubs are opening in US high schools, could this be the future of teaching?

Virtual Mate, the virtual sex tech that could change the dating game from January 2020

New York City plans to fortify itself against climate change

Robots were used to judge this year’s World Artistic Gymnastics Championships


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