New York City plans to fortify itself against climate change

Robots were used to judge this year’s World Artistic Gymnastics Championships

WeWork might be on its way out, but will this change the way we create workspaces?

Freelancing is still on the rise, but the golden life of self-employment is a lie

One year later, the selling of an AI painting shows that AI art is still not that groundbreaking

The U.S. wellness industrial complex is more dangerous than it looks

Facebook wants your avatar to travel the world for you using new technology

Good to know: Jasmine aka—gaming, fashion and all things digital

In the U.K., AI will soon be used to tackle homelessness

You can now pay social media influencers to be your friends

7 ways deepnudes could change the way we wank

New report exposes how easy it is for young people to buy drugs on social media

Amazon is now hiring influencers but what does it mean to be an ‘Amazon Influencer’?

Feeling lonely? You can now hire a partner or even a whole family

Good to know: 18-year-old astronaut Alyssa Carson’s mission to Mars

Is low carbon travelling achievable? We tested it out for you


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