If you are upset about Kylie Jenner monetizing ‘Rise and Shine’, you’ve played yourself

Instagram expands its ban on self-harm to cartoons, illustrations, and memes

Caroline Flack’s new show ‘The Surjury’ wants to end plastic surgery stigma

So you think you’re fluent in internet language? Think again

Looking is the web app that sheds light on toxic dating culture within the queer community

In the U.S., streetwear fashion has become integral to the Asian male identity

Good to know: Maria Koch and the cosmos that is 032c

Good to know: Dr Kortney Ziegler, the multitalented entrepreneur you should keep an eye on

Finsta accounts are on the rise: a solution to the pressure to be perfect online?

Good to know: Jade Roche aka @ramenpolanski and her psychedelic Instagram face filters

E-boys are raising awareness of mental health, one TikTok video at a time

RuPaul’s Drag Race is coming to the U.K. and there’s already controversy

Extinction Rebellion’s call to cancel LFW divides the fashion industry

What did Emily Ratajkowski’s hairy armpits really do for all women?

Nike is launching a kids sneaker subscription

Facetune might outlive us all. What does this say about our culture?


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