By Alma Fabiani

Houseparty and 3 other apps to entertain yourself during a coronavirus lockdown

Are you on lockdown and in need of some new apps to connect with people? Here are the four best apps to entertain yourself during a coronavirus lockdown.

How we should use dating apps during a coronavirus pandemic

Robots aren’t taking over the world, they’re teaching kids with autism social skills

Newly revealed social app Ikaria wants to be the healthy alternative to social media. Can it succeed?

Does Samsung’s new Galaxy Z Flip phone mean we’re still hung up on flip phones?

How to take a screen shot on your Mac or Windows 10

How to create the perfect Valentine’s dinner date by looking at Google Trends

5 sex tech products to help you survive Valentine’s Day (whether you are single or not)

What is digital food? Here’s everything you need to know

Tech startups are getting involved in the funeral business

Does binary code affect the way we see and express gender online?

CES 2020: Ivanka Trump’s keynote speech and a sweeping win for Lora DiCarlo

Chattanooga, Tennessee, partners with hate speech database Hatebase to solve its increasing hate crime issue

How our internet addiction might become a real problem for the environment

Could Yubo, the gen Z live video platform be the next big social media platform?

Give digiD8 your DNA data and the dating app will tell you who not to date

Facebook creates ‘Liam Bot’ to teach employees how to answer inquisitive questions over the holidays


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